Sound & Science: Digital Histories


The database “Sound & Science: Digital Histories” is the first large online database for the history of acoustics, created by the research group ‘Epistemes of Modern Acoustics’ at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

The database provides access to difficult-to-find sources in the history of acoustics. It serves as a platform for multimedia essays by linking texts, images, sound recordings, and film documentaries of reenactments of acoustic experiments. The source material is presented through curated categories, while an extensible tagging system facilitates research navigation and identifies elements such construction materials, concepts, personal networks, and timelines in the history of acoustics. Essays by experts in the field contextualise these sources. The print publications of research scholars can be linked back to the database using QR codes.

The database is currently being filled with relevant materials. We welcome contributions from other scholars in the fields of sound studies, history of science, and audio conservation. The database is scheduled to launch in summer 2018. 

Keep posted for more information!

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